Statomatic - Fast and comprehensive analysis of your web site traffic.

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Downloading Statomatic

After downloading the program, extract the archive and open help.html in your web browser. There you will find detailed installation instructions for Statomatic. In case you encounter any problems during the installation, please refer to the FAQ section or contact us for assistance.

Not sure which operating system your Unix based server is running on?
Telnet or SSH to your server and type uname -a . This will tell you the operating system and its version.

Important: Please make sure you download Statomatic for the correct operating system by following the instructions above. Your original selection of OS will determine which files you will be allowed to download in the future.

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Additional Notes

If you are upgrading from v3.0 to v3.1, v3.2, or v.3.3 and wish to keep previously processed data, please follow our upgrading instructions.

If you are going to be using LOG version of the program and have problems specifying or determining your log file format, please refer to our log file format tutorial.

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