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"This is the best stats program I have used or seen. It's fast, efficient, easy to install, and does exactly what I need. I push a lot of traffic, and Statomatic had no problems at all at keeping up with over 200,000 hits per day when I was advertising."

Lara Ladd (, adult content) more...

Customer Support

General Questions About Statomatic

Is there a monthly fee?

No, you only pay a one time fee. After that you install the program and use it for as long as you wish.

What are the system requirments to run Statomatic?

The main requirment is FTP access to your web server and the ability to run CGI scripts. On Windows platform you will also need access to IIS configuration console to make changes needed to run Statomatic.

Do I need to have server log files to use Statomatic?

No, you can use SSI or IMG version of the program instead. You will need to insert a small piece of code to your HTML pages.

Will there be an image displayed on my HTML pages?

No, there will be no images displayed on your pages. IMG version uses 1x1 pixel transparent GIF image.

What type of log file formats can Statomatic parse?

Any format (NCSA Common, Combined, Apache, IIS, etc.). If your server log format is not listed in Log file format menu, you can still use Statomatic if you describe it in the terms that the program can understand.

How fast is Statomatic?

Up to 10 times faster than other software in its class. Capable of parsing 30,000 - 40,000 hits per second on a Pentium III 600 Mhz with 128 Mb of RAM running Win XP Pro and IIS 5.0 (1 Gig log file in NCSA Combined format). Take a look at our performance benchmarks.

Installing and Configuring Statomatic

For the issues regarding the installation of Statomatic v3.3 please refer to our FAQ section that has the solutions to the most common problems encountered during the installation.

If you are using LOG version of the program and having problems specifying or determining your log file format, please refer to our format tutorial.

If you are running Statomatic on Windows with IIS web server, please refer to our IIS tutorial for info on configuring your web server and the log file format.

If you require additional help with the program installation please don't hesitate to contact us. Include your name and registration code for a faster response.

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