Statomatic - Fast and comprehensive analysis of your web site traffic.

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"Statomatic is a great program. I get all the information I need to better direct our marketing efforts towards targeted prospects. The fact that you purchase the program rather than pay monthly fees has saved a lot of money, and we don't have to place an ad on the site."

Brian Rodruck ( more...

Program Screenshots

Sample Report - generated from Apache server log file. See for yourself all the valuable information that will be available to you regarding your web server activity and your web site visitors. All in real time and on single page.

Note: This sample report is missing Visiting Countries and Visiting Hosts reports due to the log file configuration.

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Main Interface - from this page you can generate various HTML reports and parse server log files. Program interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

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Configuration Screen - from this page you can set / modify program configuration. Enable or disable any of the reports, graphs, or pie charts, and specify the amount of data to be displayed for each report.

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Login Screen - from this page you can access Main Interface or program Configuration. Optional password protection will keep your stats private.

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