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Customer Quotes

Here's what some of our customers say about Statomatic:

“I have tried many (and I mean many) log analyzer software packages over the last 2 years. I have been searching for a solution that is affordable, fast, and accurate. I'm happy to report that my searching days are finally over! Statomatic is excellent! The real time reporting is great, and the results are very accurate.”

Hamish Kirke,

“Statomatic is fantastic! My hosting company made me use WebTrends before, and while it's a good product, I need to know what my traffic is doing right now - not yesterday! If you want that out of WebTrends, prepare to pay some big bucks! Statomatic gives me everything I need and at a very economical price! I'm a very happy customer - keep up the great work guys!”

Glenn Canady,

“Statomatic is a good and clean piece of software that does the job I want it to. Clean and clear interface - logged exactly what I wanted - responsive code - only a small portion of code required to insert in pages - HTML code doesn't slowdown page loading.”

Mark Jackson,

“This is the best stats program I have used or seen. It's fast, efficient, easy to install, and does exactly what I need. I push a lot of traffic, and Statomatic had no problems at all at keeping up with over 200,000 hits per day when I was advertising.”

Lara Ladd, (adult content)

“Statomatic is a great program. I get all the information I need to better direct our marketing efforts towards targeted prospects. The fact that you purchase the program rather than pay monthly fees has saved a lot of money, and we don't have to place an ad on the site.”

Brian Rodruck,

“Statomatic is great, the best statistic software I found on the Net! It offers all the features of SuperStats but it does not require a monthly fee, and it is easy to setup.”

Nicola Bonechi,

“Statomatic has given us the knowledge to better understand which pages our customers visit, and how they find our site. We are impressed with the volume of information and the ease of access and changing of parameters.”

Colin Refern,

“Statomatic proved to be so useful for the company I work for, I purchased a copy for my own personal website. It provides tons of information about how my visitors found my site as well as where on my site they liked to visit the most.”

“Statomatic is easy to install and use. It gives clear, concise information in a very user-friendly format. It just works and works well.”

James Pavlick,

“Statomatic enabled me to gain a deeper understanding in what visitors and customers want when visiting my web site. Statomatic offers webmasters the opportunity to focus and build successful web sites.”

Martin Sanders,

“I've been using Statomatic for almost 2 years now. It's accurate, it's fast, and it's simply the best out there.”

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