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"Statomatic is fantastic! My hosting company made me use WebTrends before, and while it's a good product, I need to know what my traffic is doing right now - not yesterday! If you want that out of WebTrends, prepare to pay some big bucks! Statomatic gives me everything I need and at a very economical price! I'm a very happy customer - keep up the great work guys!"

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Currently the program is available for Windows, SunOS, FreeBSD, and Linux web servers. Since the program interface is web based, you can access reports from any OS and not just the ones mentioned above. Please contact us if you are interested in using Statomatic on any other operating system. Each license grants the use of the program on one domain name.

Because we are confident that Statomatic is the best web site statistics software, each copy comes with our 90-day 100% money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with its performance, or you find a better program, we will refund your money - no questions asked.

* Statomatic v3.3 Upgrade is available for all registered owners of versions v1.0 and v2.0. It is also available for owners of current IMG or SSI versions who wish to upgrade to LOG version. Have your registration code ready or contact us if you have lost it.

** Professional Installation is currently available for Unix based web servers. The benefits include: prompt installation as well as smaller and faster executable CGI files. You will need to provide FTP or shell access to your web server.

Different Versions

There are three versions of the program: IMG, SSI, and LOG. The following information should help you decide which version is right for your web site.

IMG and SSI versions are designed for the web sites that do not have their own log files. By inserting a small piece of code to your pages Statomatic will create its own log file. The features in both versions are identical. However, SSI version is more accurate because it records every hit, and IMG version only records hits from the browsers that support images because it is called through the <img src=> tag. Search engine spiders, text based browsers, or browsers with images turned off will be ignored by the IMG version.

The LOG version is the most accurate because it uses server log file. Since there is more information that can be extractred from the server log files, the LOG version has more reports. Additional reports include File Requests, Data Transfer, Status Codes, File Types, and Requested Files. Statomatic can be easily configured to read IIS and Apache web server log formats, as well as many others.

If your server has its own log files, the LOG version is recomended. If you do not have log files, but your web server supports SSI (server side includes), the SSI version is recomended. If you do not have log files and your server does not support SSI, you can still get accurate reports using IMG version.

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