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"Statomatic is a good and clean piece of software that does the job I want it to. Clean and clear interface - logged exactly what I wanted - responsive code - only a small portion of code required to insert in pages - HTML code doesn't slowdown page loading."

Statomatic Features

Ad Campaigns

This report displays how many visitors were referred to your web site by the web sites you can specify in Configuration menu. Perfect for ad campaign tracking and reporting. If you participate in banner exchanges or buy banner ad space from other web sites use this feature to track how effective each one of those campaigns is. You can track as many web sites as you wish, and add them at any time.

Ad Campaigns Sample Report

Search Engines

This report displays the number of visitors referred by the top 50 search engines. A great indicator of whether or not your search engine campaing is working, and if your pages are optimzed for the search engines. To get a better ranking on search engines make sure your site is optimized by adding meta tags and using key terms in your site's content. Interactive 3D Java pie chart shows a share of each search engine. The list was compiled from the information found at

Search Engines: MSN Search, Yahoo, Google, AltaVista, HotBot, GoTo, Excite, LookSmart, Dogpile, Lycos,, MetaCrawler, AOL Search, Direct Hit, Ask Jeeves, IWon, Netscape Search, FAST Search, Northern Light,, Mamma, NBCi, Ixquick, WebCrawler, ProFusion,,, Vivisimo,,,, Query Server,, Sprinks, InfoGrid,, Kanoodle,, Godado, TeRespondo,,, qbSearch,, Sportula, Win4Win,,, RealNames, and Open Directory.

Search Engines Sample Report

Search Queries

This report displays which key phrases were used to find your web site through a search engine. Make sure your html files have proper meta tags to increase your site's position in a search engine for a particular key word or a key phrase. Rearrange key words in meta tags if you do not see the desired key phrases in this report. Resubmit your web site at least once a month for best results.

Search Queries Sample Report

Search Engine Queries

This report is somewhat a combination of Search Engines and Search Queries reports. It will display top entered search queries for each search engine. This report makes it easy to see how your web sites rates for different key phrases on different search engines, so you can work on improving your site's content for specific keywords on specific search engines.

Search Engine Queries Sample Report

Referring Domains

This report displays referrering domains. If another web site has multiple links to your web site, in this report you can see exactly how many visitors were referred by all of the links combined on that site. For detailed information about unique referring URLs check out Referring URLs report.

Referring Domains Sample Report

Referring URLs

This report displays referrering URLs which tell you how visitors found your site, and where they are comming from. Different types of URLs are marked by different colors, so by looking at this report you will have a crystal clear understanding about the origin of your incoming traffic. You can click on any of the URLs, and it will take you back to the referring page where you can see how it is linked to your web site. If the referrer is a search engine, you can even find out your position on a particular key phrase that was used to find your site.

Referring URLs Sample Report

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