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"Statomatic has given us the knowledge to better understand which pages our customers visit, and how they find our site. We are impressed with the volume of information and the ease of access and changing of parameters."

Statomatic Features

Visiting Countries

This report displays how many people and from which countries are accessing your web site. Perhaps your web site targets users from a certain country, or you would like to see how popular your web site is with an international audience. You can easily see which countries constitute your audience in this report.

Visiting Hosts

This report displays hosts sorted by the number of visitors. From this report you can see which ISPs (internet service providers) are the most popular amongst your visitors. If, for example, you are running an ad campaign on AOL you should see that share of visitors is greater than such of other ISPs.

Requested Pages

Most Requested Pages report displays most popular pages of your site. Most often, these are the pages that users find the most interesting, useful, and attention grabbing. The most requested pages are your web site's top content, based on popularity.

Least Requested Pages report displays least popular pages of your site. These are the pages you should try to improve and make more interesting, attractive for your visitors. Perhaps you don't update these pages often enough, and your visitors lose interest in visiting them. Also make sure other pages have links to these pages, so your visitors can find their way to them.

These reports also display average time visitors spend on a particular page in hr:min:sec format. The time for each page is calculated as the difference in times between the request of current page and the next page.

Requested Pages Sample Reports

Entry / Exit Pages

Entry Pages are the pages that other sites link to on your site, or that have a higher ranking on search engines. They should be used to attract users to the rest of your web site because they comprise the user's first impression of your web site.

Exit Pages are the pages that people leave your web site from, either by following a link outside of your site or just going to another site. Just like advised for the least visited pages, try to improve and make these pages more interesting, attractive for your visitors, so they stay longer on your web site. Also these pages are good for placing ratio based exchange banners and links; there is a good chance, if a visitor decides to leave, he / she will leave by following one of those links.

Entry / Exit Pages Sample Reports

Single View Pages

This report will show you which pages visitors have entered and left right away from, without viewing any other pages. Either a visitor was not interested in your web site's topic at all, or the page he/she visited did not grab their attention to further browse the site. This report can be a pretty good indicator of which pages need work to make visitors want to explore your site more. Keep in mind that search engine spiders and robots will often request just the index page of your site, so these stats will be slightly higher for that page.

Single View Pages Sample Report

Visitor's Paths

This report displays the paths visitors followed to traverse your site sorted by the number of visitors who used the same paths. Learn about how people navigate through your web site, and if you need to make any adjustments to your navigation structure to direct more traffic to particular pages.

Visitor's Paths Sample Report

Visit Depth

This report will tell you how many visitors viewed a predefined number of pages on your web site. You can modify the number of pages by changing visit depth increment in Configuration menu. Find out your visitor's attention span with this valuable report.

Visit Depth Sample Report

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