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Statomatic Version History

Changes made to Statomatic v3.3:

  1. Visit Depth report added (sample report)
  2. Improved overall performance and efficiency
  3. Improved look and feel with the use of CSS
  4. Updated operating system database
  5. Updated web browser database
  6. Updated seach engine database
  7. Revised and improved help pages
  8. Improved error handling and reporting
  9. Option to enable dynamic pages params

Changes made to Statomatic v3.2:

  1. Single View Pages report added (sample report)
  2. Search Engine Queries report added (sample report)
  3. In IMG & SSI versions log file is automatically reset after each parsing

Changes made to Statomatic v3.1:

  1. Improved overall performance and efficiency
  2. Smaller database for the processed data
  3. Smaller HTML reports with reduced number of HTML tables
  4. Added option to ignore specified IP address
  5. Windows XP is added to the Operating Systems report
  6. Time Spent on Pages report is now combined with Most / Least Requested Pages
  7. LOG version now has Requests field in File Types report
  8. IMG & SSI versions now have option to reset Statomatic log file from the web interface
  9. Links in Referring Domains and Referring URLs open in new browser window

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