Statomatic - Fast and comprehensive analysis of your web site traffic.

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Fast and comprehensive analysis of your web site traffic

Statomatic is a real-time web site traffic analysis software. It provides detailed web site statistics through dozens of on-demand, must-have reports with interactive pie charts and graphs. Its easy to use web based interface allows you to monitor your web site's traffic and track your visitors in real time from any browser. These reports not only provide a complete overview of visitors behavior, but they are also a great guide for improving your web site's performance and effectivness. Check out screenshots and list of features, or read what some of our customers say about Statomatic.

Latest News and Updates:
July 15th 2003 - Statomatic version 3.3 is released. View sample reports.

With Statomatic you will know the following and much more:

Where your visitors come from
Which pages your visitors view
How long visitors stay on the site
How many pages visitors view
OS & browsers of your visitors
How much time visitors spend on each page
Which pages visitors enter & exit through
How visitors navigate through your site
Which search engines your visitors use
Which keywords your visitors use & more...

What our customers like the most about Statomatic:

Accurate & fast, real-time statistics Interactive Java graphs & pie charts
Over 25 vital, user friendly reports Only shows reports you choose to see
Ease of use and pleasing format Affordable price with no monthly fees

"Statomatic enabled me to gain a deeper understanding in what visitors and customers want when visiting my web site. Statomatic offers webmasters the opportunity to focus and build successful web sites."


Sample web traffic report

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